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Edward joined Channel 4 in autumn 2005 for the launch of More4. He also had brief stints on Channel 4 and E4. Whilst at Channel 4, Edward was a freelance announcer for ITV 2, ITV 4 and Men and Motors.

Edward is now freelancing. Recent work: the voice of the 'Fresh 40 Chart', syndicated across ten commercial radio stations; promo voice for MTV Networks (MTV Base and TMF).

Freelance ITV 1 announcer from October 2002. Certainly one of the great television voices of all time, with warmth and reassurance.

David's broadcasting career started in the 1960s at Radio 390 where he presented a country music programme called 'Country Style'.

He was a BBC TV voice only announcer for 25 years - from 1969 to 1972 (freelance) and from 1972 to 1994 (staff). He also provided voice-overs on BBC TV's 'Points of View' in 1987 and was a BBC Radio 2 presenter from 1976, including 'Country Club' with Wally Whyton. David was also a BBC World Service TV announcer in 1992.

Since 1995, he has been heard on ITV as a relief announcer for Carlton TV in London and for a couple of years from October 2002, he was a member of the national ITV 1 announcing team, working as a freelancer covering overnight shifts. David is also one of the main announcers on the satellite History Channel in the UK, along with Charles Nove and David Miles.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Graham was an announcer with BSB in 1990 and later Carlton in London. He was the senior continuity announcer when national ITV 1 continuity was introduced from October 28 2002.

In addition to continuity announcing, Graham has worked as a presenter and voice-over artist; his clients include BBC TV, Ford Motor Company, Royal and SunAlliance and Braun. He has fronted travel bulletins for Carlton and LWT and presented shows on Essex local radio.

From his studio he voices commercials, promotions and imaging for stations in the UK, America, Spain, Dubai and Malta. For more information, visit Graham's website (link below).

Trish started her announcing career with London Weekend back in 1982. She went on to announce at the Super Channel, TVS, British Satellite Broadcasting, Westcountry and UK Gold. Trish was LWT's senior announcer from the mid-1990s.

In early-2003, Trish joined the announcing team at Five; she also freelanced as an ITV 1 announcer during 2003. In addition to her role at Five, Trish continues a relationship with ITV, providing promo voice-overs for ITV 1 and continuity announcements for ITV 3.

Freelance announcer for ITV, providing sickness and holiday cover.
Staff ITV 1 announcer since early-2003. She joined the network from local radio in Essex.
Jane started out as 'Pippa Horn', the travel and breakfast co-presenter at Red Dragon FM in Cardiff. Whilst working on the breakfast show she was approached by HTV Wales to present 'Time Out', a holiday programme based in Wales. She then went on to present her own drivetime show at Medway FM in Kent, which also involved producing features and organising competitions and roadshows.

In 1998, Jane started work at Metro Networks presenting travel reports for the Chris Evans breakfast show on Virgin FM and she also landed a job on the continuity sofa at ITV 2.

In May 2000, she started working for 'Earth and Space' at NOW - a pioneering convergence channel broadcasting to Asia and worldwide on the web. The work involved anchoring live science programmes, interviewing guest scientists, writing web pages and occasionally working on location for special reports.

During 2001, Jane worked in Holland and Athens for five weeks at a time directing and presenting travel programmes for a new broadband/linear channel called "Viewing 4 Leisure".

In 2002, she worked with Ant and Dec on ITV 1 as a regional presenter on 'Record of the Year'.

In 2004, Jane filmed kids show 'X-perimental' for BBC One. Working as the science reporter, it was Jane's responsibility to get the science across in an unpatronising, no-nonsense, yet easily understood manner.

Also in 2004, Jane worked as a studio/location presenter for TV Travel Shop, which involved a shoot in America filming 'Go Florida'.

Jane is currently working as a freelance presenter for, where she has to talk and sell non-stop for three hours at a time. She can also be heard on Five and Challenge, where she works as a continuity announcer. She is also a children's presenter for British Forces TV.

Jennie Gow, a former presenter with Somerset's Orchard FM, joined the national team of ITV announcers in London in summer 2004.
John is a continuity announcer on ITV 4 and Virgin 1. He also presents on XFM London.
Oliver has been a continuity announcer for ITV 4 since 2007. He has also been the main voice of UKTV channel, Home, since its launch. Other voice work includes numerous promos for BBC Radio 1, commercials and documentaries.

Oliver also works as an actor in theatre, television and film. He trained as an actor at Rose Bruford.

Paul worked as a continuity announcer/director for BBC Scotland from 2000 before moving to London in December 2002 to become a member of the ITV 1 Network announcing team. His voice is also heard occasionally on ITV 2. Paul has also worked for several radio stations, including The Eagle, Star and BBC Radio Scotland.
Natalie worked as a continuity announcer with the BBC from 1997 to 2004, mainly live on BBC Two. She was also the first female voice on BBC Knowledge and BBC Choice, and went on to become the BBC’s first freelancer.

Having gained a degree in journalism (distinction), travelled the world and worked the red carpets as a showbiz reporter for BBC Radio 1's 'Newsbeat', she then (in 2004) moved to ITV where she became one of the main live network announcers on ITV 1. She's still there now.

Natalie's was the voice that launched ITV 3; she continued to voice the channel subsequently, as well as working on promos and Men and Motors. She is also currently the voice of the ITV phone system.

As all announcers at ITV are freelancers now, she is always open to offers of work!

Hobbies/achievements: salsa; tango; Thai boxing; global travel and adventure; fencing; judo; voluntary work for the RSPCA, hand-rearing lion and hyena cubs in Africa; rehabilitating orangutans in Borneo; completing the London Marathon; climbing mountains, glaciers and volcanoes; devil-dancing; riding ostriches; bathing elephants; flying a stunt-plane; parachuting, paragliding and parasailing; plus two bungee jumps live on air!

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Staff ITV 1 announcer from October 2002 until April 2003. He joined from Carlton Westcountry in Plymouth where he was one of the station's main voice only continuity announcers. He was also occasionally seen in-vision, fronting regional weather forecasts.
John started in continuity as a freelancer for ITV 2 in January 2005. He remained there for two years. He also worked as part of the Five continuity team between mid-2006 and early-2008.

As of late-2008, John was announcing for Virgin 1. His acting career was also taking off, with appearances in various short films behind him, such as 'Hammered', written by Noel Clarke ('Doctor Who' and 'Kidulthood'). He also stars in the feature film, 'Do Elephants Pray?'.

John has a BA (Hons) in Media Performance from the University of Salford.
Image courtesy of John Last.

Started his television career as a cameraman and moved into continuity with TVS before joining Thames Television as a continuity announcer in the 1980s. He stayed until Carlton took over and was the only member of the Thames continuity team to move to the new station when it took over on January 1 1993. Mark was Carlton's senior announcer until October 2002 when the station's London identity was dropped. However, Mark continues to present weekend bulletins for Central News South - a role he has been performing since 1991. He has also presented the main early evening news programme during the week.

Mark spoke to TTVRP in January 2006: "Over the past three-and-a half-years I have had the opportunity of working on a number of projects at Central News. I was Assistant Producer on a few outside broadcasts including Central's pan-regional 'Britain On The Move' campaign and the Fairford Royal International Air Tattoo. More recently while our studio was being redesigned for the ITV rebranding, we took Central News outside and presented the programme from five of the region's hospitals. I helped produce this and was also the roving reporter each night taking on a variety of tasks, from sampling the hospital Christmas dinners to being a cleaner for the day and hospital porter. My skills were also put to the test one night when due to sickness with one of our directors, I ended up directing the outside broadcast. It was a great week and well received by the viewers. That together with some radio presenting and voice-over work, I have been a busy man since leaving Carlton."

Mark started out in student radio; he became the voice of the National UK Student Radio Chart in the late-1990s.

He was programme controller for the Student Broadcast Network until shortly before it's demise, and then took on the role of software support specialist for RCS UK, providing training and support to TV and radio industry users of Selector, Linker and Master Control in the UK and Ireland.

Mark became a freelance continuity announcer for ITV 2 in 2001 at a time when continuity was still broadcast live, and subsequently moved to ITV 1 where he has been a staff announcer since 2004.

Mark is also a freelance music programmer and has worked for Classic FM and several smaller GCAP Media stations.

Freelance announcer for ITV, providing sickness and holiday cover.
Emily provided live continuity links for CITV during the period leading up to the introduction of live in-vision presentation (1998). She had only just turned 17, making her the youngest continuity announcer the channel had ever had.

In 2004, Emily was a continuity announcer on the Disney Channel and since 2005, she has been performing a similar role at the Sci-Fi Channel.

Emily is a freelance voice-over artist for TV and radio; she also manages to fit in occasional acting and scriptwriting work.

Rachel has been a freelance announcer on ITV 1 since May 2005.

She started her TV career at British Forces Television (BFBS) in 1994 where she announced, did transmission control and also made programme promotions.

She then moved to the BBC to be a presentation network director from 1997 to 2000 before returning to BFBS to manage the Promotions Department from 2000 to 2003.

Since 2003 she has been a freelance announcer, voice-over artist, transmission controller and promo producer.

Graham has been a staff ITV Network announcer since October 2002. He is a former Radio 210 disc jockey who fronted TVS' overnight service, 'Late Night Late'. He joined Meridian from TVS to present the overnight service 'Nightime'. He went on to become one of Meridian's four duty announcers also providing continuity for Anglia and HTV West. Graham has also announced for Channel 4.

Additionally, Graham continues to freelance as a presenter and voice-over on programmes for Sky, Channel 5 and ITV 2. He also produced and presented the 'Exercise Helping Hand' documentaries in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Freelance announcer for ITV, providing sickness and holiday cover.
Staff ITV 1 announcer since October 2002. Before this, Paul was stationed at Southampton providing continuity to Meridian, HTV West and Anglia Television. Paul used to host the breakfast show on Gloucestershire's Severn Sound radio station.
Rosie is a continuity announcer for UKTV History, UKTV Documentary, ITV 3 and the Biography Channel. She is also the voice of BBC London.
TVS announcer who later joined LWT just as in-vision announcing was being phased out in the early-1980s. Glen remained with LWT until October 2002. From 2002 to 2004, he was a freelance announcer at ITV 1. He has also presented for 'Meridian News' in the South East, Sky Television, and on several satellite travel and shopping channels.

Glen has worked at a number of radio stations: he was a member of the launch team at Severn Sound in Gloucester in 1980; GWR in Wiltshire; Mercia Sound in Coventry; host of the breakfast show on Kent’s Invicta FM during the late-1980s and early-1990s, gaining some of the highest audience figures in the station’s history.

Glen runs his own audio production studio in Kent and produces work for a variety of independent companies and corporate clients.

(Also known as Peter James for a brief spell). Peter was one of the main announcers for ITV's Nighttime service from 1997. He was also a Carlton Television (London) announcer from January 2000 until October 2002. Peter left Carlton in 2002.
Sasha was a Network BBC announcer from 1998 until 2003, her voice being heard on BBC One and BBC Two as well as BBC Prime and BBC Learning. In August 2003, she crossed over to ITV, where she announced on ITV 1, ITV 2 and ITV 3.

Sasha left ITV in early-2005, and in August 2005 she moved to Russia Today (a new 24-hour TV news channel, broadcasting worldwide) as a news anchor. A natural progression perhaps - Sasha is a fully-qualified broadcast journalist. She was also the launch anchor for the channel.

In April 2007, Sasha moved back to the UK, where she is now a regular face on Sky News.

Sasha started her career in radio. She worked as a DJ for several years at various local and regional radio stations. During her time in radio, she produced a wide spectrum of programmes, ranging from countless celebrity interviews to a week spent in orphanages and refugee camps in Bosnia during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

She was also a presenter for a national cable kids TV channel, dishing up a weekly talk show and a series of location-based programmes about life at university.

Catherine has been writing and voicing live links as a continuity announcer for ITV 1 since 2008, where she has introduced everything from the final of 'Britain’s Got Talent', which attracted over 19 million viewers, to 'The X Factor'!

Catherine is also an accomplished radio presenter and broadcast journalist, having risen from breakfast co-host on Lite FM to presenting her own daily lunchtime show, networked on sister station Connect FM. She has also enjoyed a spot as a TV critic on the UK’s national commercial sports station talkSPORT.

Her attractive on air personality and instantly recognisable voice means that she is regularly in demand by creative producers.

A red carpet regular, Catherine can often been seen at film premieres interviewing stars for Leicester Square TV.