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Anna-Maria Ashe was a continuity announcer at BBC Scotland, TVS and Grampian Television in the mid-1980s. She also presented lunchtime news bulletins in-vision during her time with BBC Scotland (1986). She later moved to the TVS nightly news magazine 'Coast To Coast' where she did a stint at presenting/news reading for the Southampton edition, before moving to the Maidstone programme.

Anna-Maria was replaced at Maidstone by Liz Wickham when she moved to LWT as the main anchor of 'LWT News' and 'LWT News Weekend'. She was one of the main presenters on the 'London Tonight' programme on ITV 1 until February 2004.

Craig Austin combines roles as a broadcaster, writer and producer. He started his media career in radio and moved on to television, dipping his toes in ink along the way.

Craig is from Uddingston, on the outskirts of Glasgow, and is the youngest of four boys. He started a career in medical laboratory sciences but after three years he returned to student life to study media. He does miss the white coat though!

It was during his final year as a student that he got his first professional broadcasting gigs, writing and presenting travel and traffic reports on a number of Scotland's radio stations, as well as doing commercial voice-overs. A short spell hosting his own shows on Radio Tay in Dundee followed, before Craig found himself in Carlisle, working as an announcer, presenter and producer for Border Television.

Over the course of eight years as an announcer there, Craig presented in excess of 5,000 Border News bulletins, 1,000 'Border Birthdays' slots, and 20,000 in/out-of-vision continuity spots. He also got to host a range of children’s and entertainment specials, including the 'Hogmanay' shows and his own magazine series, 'CU4'. He was also co-responsible for the station’s on screen image.

Whilst there, he continued with a number of freelance presenting engagements including at Radio Clyde 1 in Glasgow and corporate video work for Norwich Union and Bank of Scotland; and he also syndicated a weekly youth entertainment and information column for youngsters, to nine newspaper titles in Scotland, the north of England and the Isle of Man.

Craig has even had a brief foray into the world of pop music working with BMG Records, Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating, as creative consultant to 'The Carter Twins' a young and talented Dublin pop act who were being groomed for Eurovision stardom. Or so they all hoped!

Craig has extensive behind-the-scenes experience as an on air producer and consultant and his skills have been utilised by broadcasters such as ITV, BBC, UKTV and RTÉ.

Since 2003, Craig has returned to performing, as a busy voice-over artist and out-of-vision announcer for Scottish TV, Grampian TV and the UKTV network and as a presenter of Film24 on Life24.

Craig has also been developing his skills as a screenwriter and has completed two feature film scripts.

Breakdown of Craig's career to date:

1987 - 1988: traffic and travel presenter for 'AA Roadwatch' and 'Flightwatch' on Radio Clyde, Radio Forth, Radio Tay, West Sound Radio, NorthSound Radio and BBC Radio Scotland.

1987 - 1997: freelance presenter and writer including: Radio Clyde 1 in Glasgow; Radio Tay in Dundee; Radio Borders in Galashiels; 'Pick Of The Week' for Yorkshire TV. Syndicated a weekly newspaper feature for young people, to nine titles in Scotland and the North of England. Also, corporate video presenting.

1988 - 1997: announcer/presenter/producer, Border TV. Craig presented in excess of 5,000 news bulletins, 1,000 children’s programmes, and 20,000 in/out-of-vision continuity spots.

1995 - 1997: editor, presentation and promotions, Border TV.

1997: head of presentation, UK Gold.

1998: producer/consultant, ITV 2. Set up the in-vision continuity for the channel launch.

1998 - 1999: producer/consultant, RTÉ, Dublin. Project manager for the on air rebranding and relaunch of RTÉ Network 2.

2000 - 2003: network presentation manager, ITV Network. Responsible to David Liddiment, director of channels, with the remit of refreshing ITV 1's junction and presentation management. Also involved in the implementation of the initial rebranding to ITV 1 and was responsible for creating the Network Continuity Unit which was to commission and schedule all on air presentation devices, as well as to supply announcers with detailed marketing and programme information.

At ITV, Craig also introduced the then radical presentation techniques of end credit promotions, standardised credits, ‘next’ captions. ‘next time’ and ‘previously’ teasers within programmes, ad break promotion opticals, and ‘countdown/after’ trailers, all of which are now standard practice on many UK television channels.

2003 - 2006: writer: creator of various TV and film drama projects, currently seeking development interest.

1995 - 2006: presenter for Halifax and Bank of Scotland corporate videos.

2003 - 2004: continuity announcer, Scottish TV and Grampian TV.

2004 - 2005: creative producer, BBC Broadcast. Contracted to set up a new 45 strong continuity department with writing hub for the UKTV network.

2005 - 2006: continuity announcer: UKTV Drama, UKTV History, UKTV Documentary, UKTV Style Gardens and UKTV Food.

2006: presenter for Film24, broadcasting daily on Life24. Shows include 'Film Xtra', 'Star Talk' and 'Scene:Out'.

2007: announcer/director at BBC Scotland for BBC One and BBC Two. A six month assignment as part of the migration project moving the headquarters in Queen Margaret Drive to a new site at Pacific Quay. This allowed existing staff to drop out of the rota to receive training on the new technology that will be used at Pacific Quay.

Presenter/producer/director with Film24, based at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

David Bennett, a continuity announcer with Grampian Television, stayed in Aberdeen after retiring from the company and he is a frequent correspondent to local newspaper letters pages. David has announced on many other ITV stations, including Anglia, HTV and ATV.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

One of the early Grampian announcers; Lesley was an in-vision announcer during the 1960s and 70s. Lesley also worked with ATV.
Continuity announcer for ABC Television, TWW (Television Wales and the West) in 1958, and one of the first announcers and news readers on Anglia Television from its launch in 1959. During his time at the Norwich-based station, Colin also interviewed for news programmes and was a quizmaster. After leaving Anglia in 1964, Colin worked as an announcer/news reader for the overseas service of the Australian Broadcasting Commission, and later that year moved to Tyne Tees TV in Newcastle as a continuity announcer and newscaster. As a freelance news reader, announcer, presenter and quizmaster between 1967 and 1975, Colin worked for several ITV stations, including Westward Television, Grampian and Border. He also worked for the BBC in Bristol, Southampton and London.

In 1975, Colin returned to radio (he had started his career as a disc jockey with radio stations in Africa), launching the new commercial Plymouth Sound station, where he presented The Sunrise Sound breakfast show for 18 months. In 1979, Colin moved to Nottingham's Radio Trent to present A Little Night Music each evening and Colin's Corner on Sunday afternoons. Between 1989 and 1996, Colin produced and presented The Golden Years on BBC Radio Nottingham, a request programme featuring the music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Colin has also freelanced as an actor, voice-over, narrator and speaker. His acting roles have included parts in Byker Grove, Coronation Street, Boon, Emmerdale Farm, Peak Practice, and the Tommy Cooper Show. In 2000, Colin starred as Chesney Allen in the theatre production of The Flanagan and Allen Story. He now lives in Nottingham with his wife, Judith, a former transmission loggist for Westward TV, where the couple met.

Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer, 1971 to 1975, and again in the early-1980s. Anne also freelanced for Scottish Television from 1975 to 1978.
Grampian TV in-vision announcer in the late-1980s and early-1990s. He also presented a Grampian produced antiques show with Fiona Armstrong.
Christine was an announcer/news reader with BBC North West from 1973 to 1981. She made her debut on Princess Anne's wedding day - November 14 1973.

In July 1975 she became the only female BBC TV (Network) announcer amongst eighteen men until January 1976. She returned as a freelance holiday relief announcer from 1977 to 1979. Christine also announced at Grampian Television in northern Scotland.

Christine currently runs the Lunchbox Theatre Company, writing and performing historical plays for museums and schools. With Voice-overs UK she has recorded over 1,000 commercials and telephone prompts. She has also worked for brand leaders including Cadbury, BT, Reebok, ICI, Rolls Royce and Marks and Spencer.

Christine runs presentation skills courses and works for Firework Factory Poetry as a performance specialist.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

In 1989, Tracey began her career voicing and creating commercials, promotions and producing shows for Northsound Radio in Aberdeen. For three years she co-presented the Breakfast Show with Robin Galloway and became the first "Eye In The Sky" for the North East of Scotland. Whilst at Northsound Radio, she began her TV career with Grampian in 1990 and at 19 became the youngest continuity announcer/news reader in the UK.

Moving to Manchester in 1995, she joined Granada Television as a continuity presenter and became the main promotional voice for Granada.

The Broadcast department was centralised in Leeds in 1998 and Tracey became Head Of On-Air for Granada Media Group (Granada, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Border TV) managing continuity, weather presenters, promotions and graphics departments.

Tracey has remained at ITV and now heads up the business side of the new ITV Broadcast Business Development team.

Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer between 1971 and 1979. Her son, Paul, recalls that she first applied for the job after she was dared to by her husband. Sadly, she died in 1982 at the age of 44.
Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer who joined the company as a relief announcer in 1980.
Anne was on the Grampian announcing team in the 1980s.
Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer in the 1980s, who is now an Aberdeen-based drama teacher.
Long serving Grampian in-vision continuity announcer and local news bulletin presenter. She is no longer seen since in-vision continuity was dispensed with, and centralised in Glasgow, by station owners SMG (Scottish Media Group). Kate is now part of the continuity team in Glasgow and her voice is now heard by STV and Grampian viewers.
One of Grampian TV's best known in-vision continuity characters from the 1980s and 1990s. He can now be heard as one of the main presenters on the Scottish version of Real Radio.
Grampian TV announcer and BBC TV in-vision announcer in the mid-1960s; presenter, BBC children's TV 'Junior Points Of View', 1963 - 1964.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Grampian Television in-vision announcer in the 1980s. John has also popped up on other ITV stations as an announcer over the years, including time with TVS as a voice only announcer in the late-1980s and early-1990s.
One of the original team of three presenters on BBC Scotland's regional news programme, 'Reporting Scotland'. Douglas was also a long-serving continuity announcer at Grampian TV.
Freelance continuity announcer for Scottish TV, Grampian and Border. He went on to set up Centre Radio in Stirling and became cult Scottish shock jock Scottie McClue
Maggie Lavender is a senior announcer for Scottish Television. Before joining STV, she was based at Glasgow Airport, presenting morning reports for Flightwatch.

Maggie is also a trained actress.

Grampian announcer during the 1960s and 1970s.
Long serving Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer and occasional programme presenter.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Kate Matheson worked as an announcer and presenter at Grampian TV before joining Scottish TV in the early-1970s. Married to the comedian, the late Rikki Fulton.

Sadly Kate died in 2005 (TBC).

Cameron's broadcasting career began in 1990, as a presenter with Eastend Radio. During his career, Cameron has interviewed a number of big name celebrities including Dame Shirley Bassey, Nichelle Nichols (communications officer Lieutenant Uhura, 'Star Trek'), Paul Young, Darius, the stars of 'Star Wars' and Marty Pellow but to name a few. Cameron has also worked alongside 'Dirty Dozen' actor Tom Busby.

Other radio credits include: co-presenter of the 96.3 QFM breakfast show with Gary Marshall.

Cameron currently works (freelance) for Scottish Television as an announcer.
Image courtesy of Allan Timmons.

Jack started his broadcast career on pirate radio: he had stints with Radio Scotland, Britain Radio and Radio 270. In the late-1960s and early-1970s, Jack was an announcer with Grampian Television. He then moved to Scottish TV.
Former 'Crossroads' actress and continuity announcer in the 1970s and early-1980s for Border Television and Grampian. Daphne has also worked for Central TV, HTV West, and BBC Radio 4.
James joined BBC Scotland from Grampian in the mid-1970s. He perhaps holds a little place in presentation history for two reasons: he was the first BBC Scotland announcer to use the COW globe in 1985 - as a result, he started his shift in the early evening calling the channel "BBC Scotland" but changed the name back to "BBC 1 Scotland" when the new ident appeared at 7pm; he's also quite possibly the last BBC announcer to have uttered the phrase "trade test transmission" - this was on a Saturday afternoon in 1987 when BBC Two Scotland closed down between the OU and coverage of a Scottish party conference.

James left BBC Scotland Presentation in the late-1980s. He went freelance and moved to Leeds. He worked for BBC North East and West Yorkshire FM.

In 1994 he was on of three audio describers in a television trial called Audetel. This provided audio description to blind and partially sighted viewers. The trial led to the inclusion of AD in the 1996 Broadcasting Act and the 2003 Communications Act.

James is currently managing editor of the AD department at ITFC in West London.

Grampian and Scottish TV announcer.
Barrie was an announcer and news reader for BBC TV Leeds in 1979. In 1980, he moved to Grampian TV in Aberdeen; he had much the same role there, being one of the line-up of staff announcers, who also read the news.

He left Grampian for a career in production and cut his teeth as a rookie TV director at Ulster Television at the height of 'The Troubles'. When his agent got him the job he was asked if he wanted the good news or the bad news first. As a director, he worked for various ITV companies on networked promotions, religion, childrens' programming and news.

Barrie later moved into management, setting up and running departments for a variety of new stations across Europe. He still dabbles in presenting and does voice-overs. Once while working as a news director at Central television he stood in for a news reader. The director on duty said he was impressed and suggested he had a go at it for a living! The same thing happened while on a course at the National Film and TV School. But, Barrie tells us, a return to the screen is not on the cards.

Barrie last updated us in July 2008, at which point he was director of operations for a national TV channel in Asia. And yes, he will be casting a critical eye over the presentation!
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

In-vision announcer at Grampian who went on to announce nationally for BBC TV.
Anne was a Grampian TV reporter, news reader and co-presenter of 'North Tonight' in the 1990s. She then joined BBC Scotland as a TV announcer/presentation director; she also announced and read the news on BBC Radio Scotland.

As part of cutbacks at BBC Scotland (c. 2006), TV announcers no longer perform announcing or news presenting duties on BBC Radio Scotland.

Derek's broadcasting career began in 1999 at The Travel Channel where he was a continuity announcer. He was a member of the original team of announcers (and 'the Scottish voice') at the Biography Channel when it launched in the UK in 2000. Also in 2000, Derek took on a news reading role at Radio Forth in Edinburgh; he remained there until joining Living TV as a continuity announcer in 2003.

Derek headed back north and joined the SMG continuity team in 2005, providing announcements on Scottish and Grampian TV (now rebranded as STV). He performed the first live announcement from STV’s new studios at Pacific Quay on Saturday July 22 2006.

Derek still finds time to fit in his other gig - travelling the world as a BA cabin crew member - which he has been doing since 1985.

Jimmy Spankie, a former Grampian smd Scottish TV announcer and presenter, remains a favourite in the North East of Scotland and is often to be seen supporting charitable events. He has also done media consultancy work since his departure from Grampian.
Grampian Television in-vision continuity announcer who went on to become an announcer at BBC Radio 4.
Gary Stein combined in-vision continuity for Grampian with radio presenting for Northsound 1, having previously done in-vision work for the local cable distributor in Aberdeen. When Grampian was taken over by STV he was left with only the radio work and subsequently left Aberdeen to join Clyde 1 and has recently (reportedly) left Clyde to go into radio management.
Popular Grampian in-vision announcer in the 1980s and early-1990s, who moved to the BBC in Scotland as a continuity announcer; she now presents the mid-morning show on Forth 2. Arlene continued with television work as presenter of 'The River' - a Grampian programme which followed the River Dee from its source to the sea traversing Braemar, Lochnagar, Balmoral, Glen Tanar and Banchory. She has also guest presented for Scottish Passport.
Well known Scottish radio and television broadcaster who was an in-vision announcer for Scottish Television from 1983, and, more recently, has freelanced as a voice only announcer for both Scottish TV and Grampian TV. He combined this work with the position of Broadcast Transmission Controller for SMG's (Scottish Media Group) television division, a post which he left in 2000.

Jim's voice is well known to viewers across the UK as he's voiced several television advertisements. He was also chosen to be the voice of a new, talking version of the ever-popular Action Man toy.

Since leaving the core staff at SMG, Jim has returned to radio. He has presented the late night music programme on Westsound Radio based in Ayr; he currently presents on radio station Clyde 2.

Jim still occasionally presents for Scottish and Grampian TV.

Senior, long serving Grampian TV in-vision announcer and programme producer. Sadly, Kennedy died in 1997, just before the takeover of Grampian by SMG. He is still fondly remembered by North Scots today.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Former Scottish and Grampian TV announcer and Radio Clyde DJ. Alan is now a presenter on Grampian and Scottish TV.