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A former actress who went on to become an in-vision continuity announcer for TWW in the 1960s and its successor, HTV West, from 1968 until around 1984.
Voice only continuity announcer for HTV West from 1994 until 2000, when continuity was moved to Southampton. Since then, Philip has freelanced for HTV Wales and continues with other voice-over work. He has recently landed a plum job with the global news network, CNN.

Philip is also writing for television. He has also worked on the Meridian production of 'Under Offer', a panel gameshow shown on the national ITV 1 network throughout summer 2002.

David Bennett, a continuity announcer with Grampian Television, stayed in Aberdeen after retiring from the company and he is a frequent correspondent to local newspaper letters pages. David has announced on many other ITV stations, including Anglia, HTV and ATV.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Colin Berry, now a well known news reader for BBC Radio 2, was a relief announcer for HTV West (and on one occasion, HTV Wales) during the summer of 1971.

Colin recalls: "My summer relief stint at HTV in 1971 was to be my first time on TV. Head of presentation Donald Hill-Davies took me on after an audition in Cardiff. Oddly we never met during my time there! I don't recall being in-vision, though there may have been the odd occasion. It was a transition period from black and white to colour and most in-vision continuity had been temporarily suspended there. I recall the shifts were long, you had to be in situ whatever time the station opened-up (usually early afternoon) and there you stayed till closedown, with just a brief break to grab a tray of food during 'Crossroads', when your opposite number on Wales or West duty would cover for you. It would never be allowed today, I'm sure the unions would see to that."
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Malcolm trained as an announcer on HTV West in the late-1960s and early-1970s before moving to Granada in 1972. He stayed with the company until 1982 when he moved south to join franchise winners TVS. Malcolm made the very first announcement on TVS on January 01 1982, and remained as a voice-only announcer after in-vision continuity was dispensed with in the mid-1980s. He also acted as MC for TVS' final programme 'Goodbye To All That'.

Malcolm can still be heard reading letters out on BBC Radio 4's 'Feedback'. He also spent time as a disc jockey on London's easy-listening radio station Magic FM.

One of HTV's original announcers when it took over from TWW in May 1968. She married former HTV man and news reader Martyn Lewis.
HTV West continuity announcer who stayed as a voice-only announcer and news reader after 1994. He disappeared from westcounty screens when the station was absorbed by United News and Media in the mid-1990s. A familiar face from daytime television adverts for various financial services/pensions companies, and, more recently, for Claims Direct.
In-vision continuity announcer for Thames Television in London, often on the overnight shift, and also for HTV West in Bristol.
Tom Edwards started his career as a newspaper journalist before moving to television as an announcer with Border. He went on to become a familiar announcer on Thames Television in London and on HTV West. Tom is also thought to have been an announcer with Anglia. He also spent several years as a pirate radio disc-jockey.

Tom left Thames at the end of the 1980s to move to the United States but later returned to the UK as a presenter on BBC Radio Norfolk and occasional presenter of the BBC's 'Look East' magazine programme. Most recently, he was the voice-over for BBC TV's 'Wipe Out' daytime quiz show.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

HTV West in-vision continuity announcer in the 1980s who went on to anchor the regional news programme, 'Wales Today', for BBC TV Wales.
David joined TSW as an announcer in the mid-1980s and stayed with the company until its franchise ended in December 1992. He established a good knockabout rapport with sidekick Gus Honeybun and was a main presenter of TSW's various 'Telethon' extravaganzas.

Since TSW went off the air, David has worked as a news reader and announcer at HTV West, and, later as the overnight news reader on Sky News. He is now controller of programmes at South Hams Radio in South Devon, where he also presents a show. He also appears from time to time on ITV 1 Westcountry.

Meridian Broadcasting continuity announcer from 2000 to 2002, and previously an announcer with HTV West in Bristol. Fiona's voice was heard on HTV West, as well as Anglia Television, as continuity for these two stations was sourced from Meridian's Southampton headquarters until October 2002. Fiona is now a news reader for Ivel FM in Somerset.
Started her television career as a news reader and announcer on HTV West in the early-1980s. She then moved to TSW as a continuity announcer in the mid-1980s before moving to BBC TV South as their early morning news reader. Jenny is probably best known for her time as co-presenter with Des Lynam of 'How Do They Do That?'. She now presents 'ITV West News' from Bristol.
HTV West in-vision continuity announcer in the 1980s, who was also one of the main presenters of the station's overnight service 'Night Club' from 1988.
Joined HTV West as a continuity announcer in the mid-1980s but moved to present local weather bulletins when in-vision announcing was done away with in 1994. Gill went on to present several local programmes for HTV West and was one of the station's main sportscasters and reporters. A keen horsewoman, Impey also runs her own stables with her partner.
Well known Granada TV in-vision announcer in the 1970s and 1980s. Graham moved to Meridian in Southampton and was an announcer on that station, HTV West and on Anglia TV until October 2002.
Annie was a continuity announcer for Tyne Tees TV, HTV West and LWT in 1984. She also presented several programmes for HTV, including co-anchoring the main nightly news programme with fellow presenters Bruce Hockin, Richard Wyatt and Alison Holloway.

Sadly, Annie died in late-1990. She is remembered for her warmth, her sense of fun and her sincerity.

A popular and fondly remembered HTV West in-vision continuity announcer in the 1970s and 1980s, who died in August 2002, aged 66.

TTVRP contributor Andrew Rogers recalls: "Michael was famously unable to tell the time. Closedowns would include 'Now, let's have a look at the clock. It's 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 minutes past midnight...' There was also a wonderful incident involving him on the first 'It'll Be Alright On The Night', in which he was promoting an upcoming episode of 'Within These Walls'; instead of the clip he was expecting, a loud advert for The Yogs, a sort of yoghurt, ran. After that he had several minutes in which he had to ad-lib to just a caption. Classic moments."

Peter was an announcer with TWW and Yorkshire TV in the 1960s before moving on to become one of LWT's best known announcers. Peter joined LWT from its start in August 1968 and was the first person to broadcast from the station's new television centre at Upper Ground, on the South bank of the Thames, when it opened in 1971. Lewis was promoted to become senior announcer in 1977 when the previous incumbent, Alec Taylor, left the company. Lewis stayed in this role (although mainly as a voice only announcer after 1983) until 1996 when he left the station to pursue his business interests as a management consultant based in the United States.

He was persuaded to return briefly in 1998 to record a series of in-vision links to mark LWT's 30th birthday. Peter was also an announcer on HTV West during the 1970s and 1980s. The Lewis family were well known to television viewers in the West - Peter's father, Bruce, was chief announcer at HTV's predecessor, TWW, and Martyn Lewis was famous as a local and then national news reader.

Continuity announcer for Ulster TV (1967 to 1969), Anglia TV (1970 to 1973), Southern, Thames Television, ATV, and, on occasions, HTV West. Also recognised nationally as the host of the 'TV Times Awards' and 'Miss United Kingdom' on the ITV network in the 1970s and 1980s. He also presented the BBC's 'Come Dancing' from 1980 to 1983, and has regularly reported for ITV's 'Wish You Were Here'. Marshall originally trained as a teacher, and then an actor with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, before joining a Bournemouth rep company.
HTV West continuity announcer and 'Night Club' host in the late-1980s who went on to become a news reader and regional programme presenter for the station. She also presented one of the UK's first ever DIY makeover shows with HTV's 'The House' in the early-1990s.
HTV West continuity announcer in the 1980s who can now be heard as an announcer on BBC Radio 4. She also co-anchored the BBC's 'Points West' in the early and mid-1990s.
Continuity announcer on Southern TV and HTV West in the 1970s who later found national fame as BBC 'Breakfast Time' fitness expert, The Green Goddess. She still makes many media appearances today, and is an active promoter of cancer charities.
Former 'Crossroads' actress and continuity announcer in the 1970s and early-1980s for Border Television and Grampian. Daphne has also worked for Central TV, HTV West, and BBC Radio 4.
Westcountry viewers know her best as one of the long serving presenters of the BBC's highly popular 'Points West' news programme. But earlier in her career Susan could be found manning the continuity desk at HTV West. She has also presented the BBC's Norwich-based 'Look East' news programme (1985 - 1988).

Since the late-1990s, Susan has also covered overnight weekend shifts for BBC News 24 and BBC World.

Former radio presenter who was persuaded to move into television by 'Coronation Street' actress Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner) when she was interviewed on the station. Jim Pope became an in-vision continuity announcer at HTV West in the late-1960s and early-1970s before moving to Granada where he remained until his retirement.

After leaving his announcing job, Jim continued with voice-over work, and is well known as the voice of 'University Challenge' (produced by Granada for the BBC). Sadly, Jim died in August 2001.

Regular announcer for HTV's 'Night Club', who went on to present Carlton's short-lived 'After Five' magazine programme.
Veteran ATV continuity announcer who joined the company in the 1960s and stayed with its successor, Central, until the mid-1980s. Mike also announced, occasionally, for HTV Wales, HTV West, Thames and Southern Television.

Since leaving the world of continuity announcing, Mike has become a successful television producer and businessman. In the independent production sector, notably with Winchester Entertainment Plc, he was the co-creator and executive producer of 'Jellabies' and 'The Snow Children' and he was also executive producer for 'The Wheels On The Bus'.

In 2003, Mike founded Shangers Ltd, a multimedia and consumer licensing company. He also recently made a brief return to ITV screens in the Midlands, helping to promote the ITV 50 features on 'Central News'.

Joined HTV as a continuity announcer for its 'Night Club' service in 1988 but progressed to co-anchor the nightly HTV News in the mid-1990s. Elise left the company a couple of years later to join local radio station GWR FM in Bristol as one of its 'morning crew'. She has since presented occasional local interest programmes for HTV West.
Graham has been a staff ITV Network announcer since October 2002. He is a former Radio 210 disc jockey who fronted TVS' overnight service, 'Late Night Late'. He joined Meridian from TVS to present the overnight service 'Nightime'. He went on to become one of Meridian's four duty announcers also providing continuity for Anglia and HTV West. Graham has also announced for Channel 4.

Additionally, Graham continues to freelance as a presenter and voice-over on programmes for Sky, Channel 5 and ITV 2. He also produced and presented the 'Exercise Helping Hand' documentaries in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Popular HTV West and ITV West presenter who has made the station's lunchtime and daytime news bulletins his own. Rowell enjoys getting out and about and can regularly be seen in local newspapers throughout the westcountry, attending charitable events, shows, fetes, and concerts.

He joined HTV West in 1989 as one of the hosts of 'Night Club', after time as a DJ on Bristol's GWR FM, and soon became one of the station's regular announcers and news readers. He also presents 'HTV Newsweek' and 'What's On'.

Staff ITV 1 announcer since October 2002. Before this, Paul was stationed at Southampton providing continuity to Meridian, HTV West and Anglia Television. Paul used to host the breakfast show on Gloucestershire's Severn Sound radio station.
HTV West and Thames TV continuity announcer who moved to the HTV weather department when in-vision announcing was axed in 1993. Lorna Stevens was regularly seen as a weather presenter on both HTV West and HTV Wales, but recently left when weather presentation was centralised in Birmingham. Lorna is also believed to have announced for HTV Wales.

A former professional model who worked with The Bluebell Girls first in Barcelona, Spain, and then in Paris, she started her broadcasting career on her return the UK with local ILR station Radio 210 in the Thames Valley. She went on to work as an announcer for BBC Radio 4 and was an announcer on BBC TV from 1984 to 1986, before embarking on a career as a freelance announcer/presenter for several ITV companies and also on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting). Lorna also worked as an announcer on Westcountry Television in Plymouth for around 18 months from 1993 with colleague Peter Griffin.

Eccentric, jovial, avuncular HTV West continuity announcer and programme presenter on both HTV West and HTV Wales who also found fame on the national ITV network, first as the presenter of one of the many incarnations of 'Mr And Mrs', and, secondly as Nancy Kominsky's eager assistant in HTV West's almost cult-status 'Paint Along With Nancy'. Locally, he was well known for his 'Tinker And Taylor' childrens' slots. The 'Mr And Mrs' programme went on to be produced by Tyne Tees Television, and, most famously, Border Television, when the host was Derek Batey.

TTVRP contributor and former colleague Guy Thomas writes: "Alan was the most popular and best loved television personality in Wales and the West of England establishing himself as a versatile, all round entertainer and he was admired as much by his colleagues as by the large audiences he won for the television programmes in which he appeared.

"After working in his family's Cardiff electricity business and seeing active Navy service in the Mediterranean war zone he began entertaining in amateur variety bills, turning professional by appearing all over the country in pantomimes and music halls, including London's West End. He joined TWW as an announcer in 1959. His popularity started to rise with an afternoon 10 minute slot for children which he shared with a glove puppet (a kind of not too distant relation of Sooty) for a birthday greetings show called 'Tinker And Taylor'. TWW had a large audience for television quiz shows, most of them the idea of the Canadian TV personality Roy Ward Dickson. Alan became the ideal host for these shows, starting with 'Three Little Words', 'Try For Ten' and the blockbuster of them all, 'Mr And Mrs', which ran year after year. It is probably true to say it was the most popular programme series TWW transmitted, rarely missing the Number 1 spot in the ratings.

"For HTV, Alan began a series of programmes in which he learned to paint (his interest was already there) called 'Painting With Nancy' and the demand for the return of 'Mr And Mrs' was so great, the company, which had dismissed the idea of repeating their predecessor's liking for the quiz show format, bowed to the inevitable. The success was repeated and HTV also brought back, again with Alan, 'Try For Ten'. In 1982 Alan retired to open an antique shop in Bath and then went to live in Spain where he died in 1997."

Long serving ATV continuity announcer and also one of the original four presenters of the children's Saturday morning hit show 'Tiswas' when it was a Midlands only programme. Before moving to Birmingham, Peter was a regular announcer on Harlech/HTV West from 1968. He is also believed to have been an announcer with Granada (TBC).

Peter founded and managed Saga FM, a West Midlands radio station with the more mature listener in mind; it launched in October 2001. He announced his retirement from the station in May 2004.

Since January 2004, Jonathan has worked as a news presenter for the BBC World Service. He has regularly presented the 'BBC World News', 'The African News' and programmes such as 'From Our Own Correspondent'.

Jonathan started in television in the early-1990s, working for the PBS station in Seattle (KCTS Television), presenting programmes and documentaries; he was also the main promotional voice of the station. After training as a news writer at Worldwide Television News, Jonathan presented various WTN documentaries, including the environmental series 'Earthfile' and a five hour programme about Nigeria.

For c. six years, Jonathan worked for ITV. Most of his time there was spent at HTV West as a news presenter and announcer (1994 - 1998). He presented the channel's lunchtime news, morning bulletins and the popular late news programme at 10.30pm.

Jonathan presented the weather for Meridian (1992 - 1993); he was also an announcer there and at HTV Wales (1993). He also presented on the Sky News overnight service for a period.

Thames TV and HTV West continuity announcer in the 1980s who went on to co- anchor HTV News in the early-1990s. She also co-hosted HTV's BLT lunchtime magazine programme in the 1990s. Yorston went on to become a presenter on TV Travel Shop on various digital television platforms.